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Welcome to Rainbow River Photo's

Note: Digital Photos are "not" automatically sent - I must physically do it after I get off the river. If your order is later in evening (like after 8 or 9 pm) I will get to them first thing in the morning. 

Great news for PRINTED Picture purchasers - you can now modify your picture (see screen clip image) to your liking before ordering. Zoom, move, etc..

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Photos are uploaded each evening upon return off the river (usually by 8 pm). The "PROOF" Watermark on photos "IS NOT" on the image you buy. Internet PREVIEW Image (Proofs) are very low resolution & quality (to discourage theft), photo's purchased are much better.

They are grouped by "the hour"(that was shown on the boat sign), look for your group then for yourself. Please take the time to look at all of your groups (on the "hour") photo's, you may find others to include in your order such as shots of you/your group "upstream" as you were approaching or "downstream". 

  • Digital images purchased will come to your provided email address as a "Download" link. Remember to check your other email folders (e.g., Spam) if concerned. [The "21 days" message you may see is for "physical" printed images, e.g., 5 x 7 and in reality are typically mailed to customer 4-6 days after order]
  • No refunds on Digital downloads (e.g., wishing you had purchased a "higher" resolution). If you want to purchase a Canvas WRAP go to that product area to buy the required resolution photo).  Orders cannot be combined later, individual orders apply. Orders cannot be modified once processed for purchase.
  • We do not have the capability or ability to modify images (e.g., Photoshop) but can add text.
  • Digital Images are purchased independently, they are not free, even if you purchase other items such as 8 x 10 or canvas wraps.
  • Orders cannot be purchased by phone. Rainbow River Photo' does not customize images with borders.

SEARCH'N: To help you browse photo's looking for yours, some hints:


1.     Based on the length of river float you took, think about time range you passed Photographers Boat (Note: Photography Pontoon also displayed the "hour" in progress (e.g., 1 PM Group). This will typically be about 2 hours after the time of your launch at KP Hole or the State Park. Photo's are taken at State Park / 2 hr float end point.


2.     Scroll through the thumbnails looking first for your own group of family or friends (This is easiest way to start).


3.     Now, click on your photo and you will go to a page with a larger version of the picture. You can this press “Next” or, for a screen show, click on the typical video start triangle image. It may take you a minute to find your photos, but it is worth it!


4.     You will want to purchase your individual picture but should also consider one of the larger floating group of family and friends. If you plan to purchase a canvas wrap product, click into that section and buy that level of resolution photo for best results.


5.     We would LOVE any feedback you have to help us improve our service.


6.     Click button is below or just click anyplace in this page


 Thank you for letting me be part of your Rainbow River (Also known as Rainbow Springs and Blue Run) adventure. You may have been: Tubing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Canoe / Canoeing, Kayak / Kayaking or Boating. We hope you had time to visit our great little town of Dunnellon Florida.

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